Success Stories

K. and her son J. resided at the Cradle of Hope from May 2005 through June 2006.  K. obtained her driving license, completed the New Choices Program at Montgomery County Community College and enrolled in classes to prepare for nursing school at Montgomery County Community College. K. applied for and received financial aid and a day care subsidy. She found permanent housing in Lansdale, PA and participated in our Follow-Up Program, in conjunction with Impact Thrift Stores, to furnish her apartment (Impact Thrift is a local non-profit that partners with Cradle of Hope).  K. also completed a series of eight anger management classes during her year at Cradle of Hope.  K. attended Young Lives, a monthly program in Norristown for single mothers. After completing her pre-nursing classes, K. was accepted to Becker College in Worcester, MA and is starting their nursing program in January 2009. K has worked very hard to overcome homelessness and unemployment. While striving to excel in school she has faced many health problems. K.  has grown in her faith and in her ability to have strong and trusting relationships with others.

B. and her son J. lived at the Cradle of Hope from October 2005 till October 2006. B. shared with us that she found the support services and weekly workshops at the Cradle of Hope very helpful as she struggled with a recent divorce, her job loss, becoming homeless, and the demands of single parenting. While living at the Cradle, she found employment and day care and received help with longstanding debt and credit problems. She took the Civil Service Exam and scored a 92. She completed an extensive job search for employment with the state park system and was able to get three interviews. She found a part time job at Riverbend Environmental Center. She moved into her own apartment in October, 2006 and is now working full time.  B. said that living at the Cradle of Hope helped her with learning to be at work on time every day and to report for work regularly.  She only missed one day of work the whole year. She was also very appreciative of the individual counseling she received for personal issues with the case manager.

S. and her son Q. lived at the Cradle of Hope from April 2005 till August 2005.  She completed her high school education in the summer of 2005. She received help with moving in August 2005. She was assisted in furnishings her entire apartment with furniture from Impact Thrift, our affiliated non-profit. She retuned to the Cradle for Hope for occasional case management services from August 2005 till August 2006. While living at the Cradle, she also applied and received WIC, filed for custody of her son, completed housing applications, and paid rent and savings. S. also attended workshops at the Cradle of Hope while in the follow-up program from August 2005 till August 2006. She now works full-time in a daycare center, where her son also attends.

V. and her son J. moved to the Cradle of Hope October, 2006. While at the Cradle, she completed her nurse’s aid training and found a full-time job in March 2007. V. found housing in April, 2007. While at the Cradle she filed for custody of her son and was awarded primary custody. V. has been an outstanding resident as well as a skilled and devoted mother.

S. and her son T. moved into the home in November, 2006. She was a senior at Lakeside Teen Parenting Program, a high school for teenage mothers.  She graduated high school in June, 2007 and passed her drivers’ test. She is now in the second year of a dental hygiene program in Montgomery County Community College, works part-time on campus and completed the KEYS tutoring program for students on public assistance. S. and her son live independently in an apartment in Lansdale, PA.

T. came to the Cradle of Hope in April, 2007 when she was nine months pregnant with her daughter L. T. was in twenty-three foster homes during her childhood and was living in a homeless shelter prior to coming to the Cradle of Hope.  After giving birth to her daughter L., she found daycare for her and was able to return to a special program in the Philadelphia School District for pregnant and parenting teens. She attended all summer, getting up at 4:30 AM to get her newborn ready and take her to a family daycare and then get to school. She completed her high school diploma in November, 2007 and passed her driver’s education class. She lives in an apartment in Philadelphia managed by Methodist Family Services and she is now enrolled in a nurse’s aid training program.

C. came to the Cradle of Hope in February, 2008 with her son S. C. graduated from a ten month training program for a medical assistant at the Starr Institute in Philadelphia. She has done very well in the program and graduated on December 1, 2008. She has completed workshops at the Cradle of Hope in nutrition, parenting, and budgeting and is involved at her church on the dance worship team. C. moved into her own apartment in April, 2009.

F. came to the Cradle of Hope in February, 2008 with her son M. F. had lived in a group home for pregnant teens, called Morningstar. When she came to Cradle of Hope she attended a ten- month training program for OR Technician at the Starr Institute in Philadelphia. She graduated in December 2008 with an “A” average. F. is a highly motivated resident who has completed all of the Cradle of Hope workshops and moved into her own apartment with M.  in February 2009.



"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11


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